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A Rational Discourse on Bombs

Preface I’ve been flying a bombing Miranda Doni for the last fourteen months. The K-Wing was the first purchase I made outside of the Core Set, mostly because it “looked cool,” and I’ve never regretted the purchase a single moment since putting ships on mat. Since then I’ve done things …

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Short Spotlight: Torani Decision Tree

One of the things I like about X-Wing is that it is a thinking person’s game. Yes, the basics of the game are simple enough that my five-year-old daughter has begun to play. The “ship game” is one of her favorite things to do with daddy. We each pick a …

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The List: 24Fenn (direct link) Torani Kulda: Veteran Instincts, Harpoon Missiles, Contraband Cybernetics, Guidance Chips *[33]* Dalan Oberos: Veteran Instincts, Harpoon Missiles, Contraband Cybernetics, Guidance Chips *[31]* Fenn Rau: Push the Limit, Concord Dawn Protector, Autothrusters *[34]* 98 out of 100 points, 2 point bid Introduction X-Wing largely left my day-to-day life in June …

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