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Squadron Commanders

Squadron Commanders Rules v0.5

What Squadron Commanders is.


Let’s dive into some of the details!


Directives fundamentally change the way the game is played. They are the strategies, secrets, and dirty tricks that you have learned over the course of your career. They are indicative of your expertise and philosophy of battle. Do you charge in with Fast Advance? Lure your opponent into a deadly minefield with Spring the Trap? Has your elite pilot talent rubbed off on those you fly with regularly, giving them an Ace Instinct? Do you rely on Overwhelming Firepower to reduce your opponents to floating debris? All these and more are at your disposal as Directives from the Squadron Commander.

Detailed below are the Directives we’ve come up with so far. Note that these are not all created equal. We are still in the idea collection phase of building out Squadron Commanders. Some of these are likely to be too strong. Others are likely underpowered. Still others will be cut or brainstormed into existence between now and the final release. The text on many will need to change. Regardless, let us know what you think!

Any Faction
Ace Instinct: At the beginning of the activation phase, each friendly ship with a pilot skill 5 or above may choose an enemy ship at range 1-2 with equal or lower pilot skill.  You may look at the chosen ship’s maneuver dial.

Ace Protocol: Each of your pilots with a PS of 8 or 9 gains an EPT slot if they do not already have one. If they already have one, they gain a second EPT slot that can be used to equip an EPT 1 point of less. You can only field pilots with PS 8 or 9.

Ambush: Your opponent places all their ships first, per normal deployment rules. If you both have the Ambush Directive equipped, both players must discard Ambush before beginning deployment.

Fast Advance: Extend your deployment zone to range 2 from your board edge.

It’s a Trap: You must use Action header bomb tokens as your obstacles and may place four instead of three. They are not friendly bomb tokens. Only you may place your obstacles. Your bomb tokens do not count as obstacles for determining obstruction.

Endless Number: Imperial only. At the start of the planning phase, if a friendly TIE Fighter with a starting pilot skill greater than 1 was destroyed during the last round, you may place one Reinforcements Pilot in your deployment zone. You must start with at least 4 TIE Fighters in your squad.

Imperial Hire: Imperial only. You may bring one unique Scum pilot. It loses all illicit slots. It may still equip Scum only upgrades.

Overwhelming Firepower: Imperial only. Large ships only. When an enemy ship is defending, it rolls one fewer agility dice for each of your ships at Range 1 from the defender. You must start with fewer than 3 ships in your squad.

That’s No Moon: Imperial only. Designate one corner of your deployment zone. Enemy ships that enter Range 3 from the designated corner receive one tractor beam token. Each turn they remain within Range 3, add another tractor beam token. These tokens are not removed during the End Phase, they are removed immediately upon the ship exiting Range 3 from the corner.

Hit and Run (Small Ship Only) – When attacking during the combat phase, each of your ships may double their primary attack value. If they do, that ship may not attack again this turn. At the start of the planning phase, each ship that attacked in this manner last round receives a weapons disabled token.

No Disintegrations: Scum only. When you perform an attack that hits, before dealing damage, you may cancel 1 of your crit results to assign 1 (2?)  ion token to the defender.

Electronic Warfare: The Upsilon Shuttle, VCX-100, and _______ (scum ship) each gain the Jam action. Those ships are permitted to fit the Frequency Jammer Modification upgrade.

Han Shot First: Rebel and Scum only. At the beginning of the deployment phase, choose one of your ships. Treat that pilot’s Pilot Skill as 14 during each of the Combat Phases.

Spy in the Ranks: Rebel and Scum only. At the beginning of the Deployment Phase, exchange the pilot skill ratings of your highest pilot skill pilot with the opposing player’s highest pilot skill.


Doctrines are the counterpoint to Directives. They indicate the particular manner you as Squadron Commander have chosen to outfit your ships, things above and beyond simply including Engine Upgrade, Autothrusters, or Heavy Laser Cannon. In preparation for your special mission, what did you tell the ship mechanics to do above and beyond the normal modifications to ensure mission success? Has R7 Astromech become one with your ships in Blackmoon Squadron? Have your targeting computers been synched up in Green Squadron? How will your Black Sun pilots make best use of the extra illicit upgrades? And are your Cutlass Squadron members fully prepared to begin dropping extra bombs?

As was the case in the Directives section, we’ve detailed a list of Doctrines below. This list is not final, has not yet gone through any sort of balancing, and is still very subject to change. We want to know what you think, other Doctrines you might recommend, and if there are cool, flavorful ideas we should be considering.

181st Squadron: Imperial only. Your TIE Interceptors gain the Target Lock action. They may perform a barrel roll after attacking or defending. You must start with at least 3 Interceptors in your squad.

Black Eight Squadron – Reduce the cost of each Missile, Torpedo, and Bomb by 2 (minimum of 0). You must start with at least 3 TIE Punishers in your squad.

Combat Refitting: Imperial only, Shuttles only. Your Shuttles lose 2 crew slots. Their primary attack value is increased by 1.

Cutlass Squadron: Imperial only. Your TIE Punisher action bars gains the Slam action. Before performing a Slam action, you may drop a bomb that does not have the Action: header. You may drop two different bombs on a single turn. You must start with at least 2 TIE Punishers in your squad.

Outer Rim Patrol: Imperial only.  Your VT-49 Decimator gains a System Upgrade slot and must equip a Fire-control System.  You must start with at least 2 small base ships in your squad.

Prison Transfer: Imperial only.  Your Firespray-31’s can equip a Rebel Captive at 0 cost, they gain an additional crew slot.  You must start with at least 1 Firespray in your squad.

Sigma Squadron: Imperial only. Your TIE Phantoms may equip both Advanced Cloaking and Stygium Particle Accelerator modifications. You must start with at least 2 TIE Phantoms in your squad.

Attack Transports: Rebel only. The U-Wing loses its forward facing primary firing arc and its torpedo upgrade slot. It gains an additional crew slot and two side-facing primary firing arcs. The additional crew slot must be used on Bistan, Baze, or Bohdi. Reduce the cost of those crew to 0. You must start with at least 2 U-Wings in your squad.

Blackmoon Squadron: Rebel only. Reduce the cost of R7 Astromech upgrade cards to 0. Whenever you spend a target lock, if you have an R7 Astromech you do not have to discard the target lock token. All friendly ships must begin play with the R7 Astromech upgrade equipped.

Blade Squadron: Rebel only. When attacking with an equipped Cannon  secondary weapon, you may add 1 hit result. You must start with at least 3 B-Wings in your squad.

Blockade Busters: Rebel only. Your equipped Heavy Laser Cannons have a range of 3-5 instead of 2-3. You must start with at least 3 B-Wings in your squad.

Capture Team: Rebel only. When performing an attack with an Ion Cannon Turret against a target in your firing arc, if your attack does not hit, you may perform the attack again (skip the declare target step). You may not attack with the Ion Cannon Turret again this round. You must start with at least two Y-Wings in your squad.

Green Squadron: Rebel only. When attacking with your primary weapon, you may place a weapons disabled token on a friendly ship at range 1-2 that has the defending enemy ship inside their firing arc at Range 1-2. The friendly ship must not have attacked this phase. Roll 2 extra dice. You may treat that ship’s focus and target lock tokens as your own. You must start with at least 3 A-Wings in your squad.

Rebel Privateers: Rebel only. Moldy Crow is not unique. Ships equipped with the Moldy Crow title discard the first stress or ion token they receive in a turn. You must start with at least two HWK-290’s in your squad.

Rogue Squadron: Rebel only. If you are not stressed, when you reveal a non-green maneuver, you may perform a 1 bank/straight maneuver first and may take a free evade action. At the start of combat, if you do not have an evade token, increase your attack value by 1. You must start with at least three X-Wings in your squad.

  • Comments: With this you can increase your speed & defensiveness, at the cost of additional attack. Or you can increase your speed and attack, at the cost of defensiveness. S-Foil’s open or closed.

Black Sun: Scum only. Your Z95, Starviper, and Kihraxz pilots with PS 3 or greater gain an additional illicit slot. You may reduce the cost of each of your illicit upgrades on those ships by 2 (minimum of 0). You must start with at least 3 ships in your squad.

Droid Uprising: Aggressors and 4LOM only. Cannot bring non-droid crew. Each ship must equip Attanni Mindlink and gains an additional elite pilot talent slot.

Smuggler’s Alliance: Scum only. Moldy Crow is not unique. Ships equipped with the Moldy Crow title discard the first stress token they receive in a turn and begin play with a free Rigged Cargo Chute illicit upgrade. You must start with at least two HWK-290’s in your squad.

Tansarii Security Force: Scum only. Heavy Scyk is free. Light Scyk is (-4). You cannot bring any ships with PS lower than 3. You cannot equip illicits.