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Team Slayer

Team Slayer Rules v0.5

What Slayer is


Let’s dive into the details:

4-8 players

Starting ship: Any Small/Large ship + upgrades. No more than 50 points spent on your ship.

Starting position: Blah blah, start opposite to each other, flush with the corner of the mat.

Death rule: When you die, you respawn in your same starting position. All of your shields, upgrades, and hull are replenished.

Teams: After setup but before the first planning phase, all dials go into a hat. The player with the lowest PS pilot (and lowest squad total in upgrades in case of ties) picks from the hat first. The player with the chosen dial is on that person’s team. Repeat until all teams are chosen.

How to win: Your team receives 1 point for each ship that you kill, and -1 point for flying off the mat. Games are timed. The team with the most kills at the end of the time wins.